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Would it be possible to tag enemies as GM only in the same way as the text? I don't want them to appear on my players copy 

I think it would be interesting if you turned on the fog, enemies and texts were influenced by the fog.

I am saying this because I was wanting to do the whole dungeon and put the location of each monster but they are on display and I would not want to take the surprise if the monsters appear.

Thanks for your work, it has helped a lot.

I plan to add a "Play mode" in a future version, it will probably fit your needs then :)

Nice, good work!

Found an issue. Using the HTML5 on my Android Pie tablet the toolbox on the left doesn't scroll up or down, resulting in some of the tools being inaccessable.

Hi! Could you please tell me your exact model so I can investigate your issue?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android Pie (9.0)

Thanks, I'll have a look in the next update!

Is there a tutorial on how to use this thing? I can't place ground no matter how hard I try. Not only that, but getting some of the effects that I see on the sample maps elude me. It's a great app and EXACTLY what I need for my games.

There's no official tutorial for now, but I uploaded a very quick demo to demonstrate the basics: walls, grounds & lights. Hope this helps :)

Dude, you're awesome. Thank you. I'll check it out. Please keep up the great work.

Hey there, i read in a comment from about a month ago that you are going to make this project open source. Me and my friends would love to dabble a bit on it and we were wondering if you have any ETA for the open source :).

Hi! That's something I'm planning, but for now I want to reach 1.0 stable version first :)

Hey, I think I got a bug. I can't seem to place ground-bocks, but everything else works (enemies, furniture, water). FYI: I'm using a trackpad and windows.

That's odd đŸ€” Could you try using a mouse to make sure it's related to the trackpad? Do you use the windows downloaded version?

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If it is at all possible to implement a custom feature into this level editor (tiles that represent traps or the like), please consider doing so. (EDIT: Alternatively, the ability to make a custom tileset for the editor, such as one for sci-fi or one for the modern-day, would be similarly useful)

While I haven't done very much with this tool (having only discovered it earlier today, and being busy with schoolwork), I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

As always, keep up the good work.

Thanks for your feedback! Custom assets are something I plan to add at one point. I'm not 100% on how to do it properly :) Stay tuned!

Well.. is this project dead yet? :(

It's not :) I'm only full time working on prototypes for my game company. I still have plans for RPG map, including opening the source code on github, as soon as it's ready.

Ah okey. Sounds good. Thanks for the update.

Would be very excited if you made it open source!

This map editor is amazing.  As others have said its strength lies in its simplicity.  Even in its alpha form (presently v0.10) this mapper is a very useful DM tool.  I'm using the DirectX version on Windows and it works flawlessly.  I look forward to whatever improvements come out next, but even if this were the final version I'd still be happy with my purchase.

I'm currently running a dungeon crawl campaign and I draw my maps on a Mondomat in real time as the party explores.  This works well during the sessions, but since we only play a couple times a month the party has trouble remembering where they've been and where they wanted to go next.

This tool has allowed me to draw high-quality digital versions of all the maps in my campaign, which can be shared with the players as they progress.  It is now trivial for me to maintain DM and player versions of every map.  After each session, I update the player maps based on the party's progress and share the PNG and JSON files via Google Drive.

The free online version is also very nice to have because it enables my players to add their own notes to the shared maps.

Well done, and please keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for all these great feedback :) I'm happy you liked it!

I think this might become my go-to map tool... It's just so easy to make a good looking map quickly! :)

Unfortunatly, I can't get my map to export - the 'save as' window appears, I give it a name, and hit save, but when opening the same folder later, it's empty... :/

Strange :/ Are you using the Windows version or the web one?

Windows :)

I think it could be because of your browser, it happened to me once. Try to switch browser.


I wasn't using the browser version, so I doubt that's the problem :)

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Transport Suwantec TL-1200 Shadowfire

For Star Wars Saga Edition - Made with RPG Map Editor II

Salut SĂ©bastien,

Thanks a lot for this tool. Simple, crystal-clear, system-agnostic and the limited amount of features is in my case some kind af advantage. I can focus on the tactical aspects of the level design rather than trying to pimp the visuals. Actually used at a Star Wars Saga Edition table, the maps are simple and clear enough to allow narrative and descriptions to live on their own, without being parasited by too much on-screen details (even if I love the light effects). Of course some additional features would be great but this is a really a satisfying and hands-on approach.

Bref, merci. Et je me disais que l'interface avait ce cÎté mimi (-nutieux) à la Motion Twin. Hordes m'avait bouffé quelques heures... J'ai envie de découvrir enfin Dead Cells maintenant... Bravo.


For some reasons the window version of this software use a lot of CPU and make my laptop a lot hotter... Also waiting to add custom assets too, this is a super nice tool! Thank you. 


Can you add custom assets ? i want to import my art into the map so i dont have to use other external programs to add them.


Hi! Yes, I'm looking for ways to do that properly :)

Guess you are really busy right now?

I have no idea where I can put my wish-list, thats why I'll place it here:

- Bionoms (Desert/Tombs, Swamp, Lava, Ice/Snow, Jungle)

- Can we place floor on walls, instead of firstly removing them with the walls tool?

- Ropes and better ledder/stairs  textures.


Thanks for sharing these ideas :) 

About the floors on walls, you mean that when painting grounds, walls should be removed automatically, right?

For the stairs textures, any reference image would be really welcome, so I can see what you're looking for exactly :)

Yeah. But at least I'm not the only guy who is using it so it's just a hint. :)

I used this one alot some time ago for an mmo: Ladder

Other ground textures: Textures

Your Editor reminds me on that one but for a bigger fanbase and usage.


Hello! Just to let you know, to keep up the good work! This is an amazing product you have here. Very intuitive and minimal. Sometimes, we don't really need some excessive dungeon/map editor. This fills that perfect niche. Thank you sir!


Thank you :) Glad you appreciate it!

Hi ! It wouldbe cool to add water in the ground textures :)

But thanks foryour work,it's really nice !

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Or better, it would be cool to let us add our textures.


Water textures are planned :) I first need to work on "pits", as it's quite related. Thank you for your support <3


This man is a champion. I've been using his tools for a loooooong time. Make sure you support him.

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Just found this tool for my D&D campaign. Works and looks great! Nice job.

One suggestion -- have a feature to import custom icons/tiles/objects.

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I can't access the whole toolbar in both download version for Windows on my Full HD 27' screen (in both fullscreen and windowed mode). HTML version works just fine. Nevertheless, this is an incredible work which will save me tons of time in the future. Appreciate alot for make this tool free  1:^)

Hi! This should be fixed in 0.4.2 available right now :)

Wow  1:^)  You are just awesome pal. Admire you a lot.