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Hard game but still enyojable


i love this game! adorable

Best game ever I literally play it every day lol! I feel like for enough money you should be able to "upgrade" your grandson so he will automatically do one of the chores like, buy the upgrade and whenever the cats run out of food, he could go and feed them and when you buy more fish he could automatically put it in the fridge. IDK, a great game still!

A shitty grandson makes for a shitty apartement.

This game was amazing! I had a lot of fun!

This was a lot of fun!





lol the cats keep spawning even after you die!


It says i downloaded the game but i didn't and now i can't.

Deleted 3 years ago

same here the exact same thing happens to me


jacksepticeye played your game!

i t keeps saying i need openGL 3.2+

super fun!

I gave this game a try, and it was pretty fun. The cats just keep coming and coming, and Mark never offers to lift a finger. 

This game is fun to play! With the challenge of receiving more cats in the mail as you try to feed them and clean them, it makes it more difficult to accomplish if you didn’t have Mark, the grandson, to help out or a ton of money to purchase cat food or heart medication to use. Thank you for making this game fun! 

Great game I had alot of fun playing!!

So good

nice game

You're a genius for building up this game for 3 days. I really do enjoy it, hope we have some quest or something.


Really enjoyed the game...Just missing a scoring system of sorts but otherwise much love <3 

so how has markiplier not played this it seems to be in his ally you know

This game was ruthlessly hilarious and naturally I sucked at it! But I had a lot of fun :)

can i be in your coding team? Ive made a website for my coding class :

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Bağımlılık yaptığı kesin ve müthiş eğlenceli herkese tavsiye ederim. Oynanış videosu hoşunuza giderse beğenmeyi ve abone olmayı ihmal etmeyin.

Good game, I hate cats now, but besides that, I think you should add some kind of scoring system. The game is fun, however it isn't really worth coming back too as much when you don't have a motive behind it. 

Cant Wait To Play This The Reviews Are Amazing!

played this game and loved it, totally broke right now or I would buy it but I,m an artist and if you need any help let me know.    Titus.  some of my work  ( check out the gallery )

These cats ate my ass alive but I had an absolute blast playing it! 


Other than the fact I just about lost my sanity playing this game, it is very well made and would recommend that anyone plays it! Very cool concept!

Super fun, cute game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Honestly, going in I didn't know what to expect, but once I got going in the game I was immensely surprised and extremely satisfied by the end of my playthrough.  I love games where you can just sit down and just play.  Games that don't take much to do, no major story to go through, no character development... Just a game to play! And this was a treat and I'm so happy I came across it and am very impressed that it was made in 3 days.  I could only dream of being able to concoct some wizardry and make something like this in a year, let alone three days! Excellent!


Fun little arcadey game.  Would be nice if there was a score, so you have more reason to replay.  Compete with friends, etc.   The graphics are nice, music is good, theme is funny, albeit sad if you want to keep your love of cats intact.  And terrific use of Mark. Great work!

pretty fun video, dawg. Enjoyed it. Make more.

Although taking into consideration that your channel isn't that big yet, consider not using the style of thumbnail you're using at the moment. Everybody else is doing the same thing, and from a potential viewer point of view, when I look for a "let's play" video of a game that I am interested in, I tend to go for nice artwork, and not the face of the youtuber. 

Not saying this type of branding is bad, I'm just saying from a designers perspective nice art is always appreciated. Or even a screenshot.

Also, loved the Tommy reference at the begining. 10/10. Would watch again.


Crazy good art, quite inspiring actually. Solid. 

Much appreciated, I have over 300 videos, YouTube is slow to no growth.  I appreciate the thumbnail thoughts as well, most thumbs I have don't tend to have my face as much as I used to, unless the particular art style doesn't suit my own tastes for a thumbnail. Only goal is to keep them minimalist, eye catching, and as relevant as I see fit that day.  Thanks! 

We all grind dawg, keep going. Gave you a sub, will keep watching!

I think it looks fine. Something I would've clicked on if i saw it. It all just depends on exposure , not really your thumbnail. 

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Oh hi Mark 10/10


I was eaten by cats while trying to fill their bowl. I might never look at mine the same way ever again xD

Great game though!

Niceeeee :D

"If you fail, they will eat you" this was the selling point for me

What Game Engine you used to develop this Game??

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