Dumber Dwarves is a dungeon crawler where you can’t control the adventurers directly and they are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Slap them or throw some meat on the battlefield to give your “instructions”.

The game was created in 48h (well, more like 35h) for the GMTK 2020 game jam. The theme was “Out of Control“.

I did everything by myself on this one, but I didn't have time to add any sound or music.

How to play

  • Your goal is to steal all the GEMS.
  • Click on a dwarf to SLAP him when he does something wrong 
  • Click anywhere to throw some FOOD to guide your adventurers. You might need to sleep them to get their attention.
  • Click on FOOD to remove it.
  • FOOD refills over time, or when stealing a GEM.


  • Left mouse button - slap dwarves, drop food or remove existing food
  • R - Restart level
  • K - Toggle "Kid" mode (I added this one for my 2yrs old boy)


The game first started as a god game where you were to teach humans things by only slapping them. So, if a disciple was picking up some food for example, slapping him would teach him to avoid food (ie. “god thinks food is bad“). Problem was: a disciple who learn something tends to repeat the concept on its neighbors. So, someone who thinks food is bad will also slap other disciples picking it. It was even possible to slap someone slapping, so it would teach that slapping someone was bad. And so on :)

It was a funny little prototype, but too sandboxy to actually become an interesting jam game. Maybe with some extra work, but definitely not in 48h.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorDeepnight Games
TagsDungeon Crawler, dwarf, haxe, no-control, Pixel Art, Top-Down


Latest version (DirectX) 3 MB
Latest version (OpenGL) 3 MB
Original jam version (DirectX) 3 MB
Original jam version (OpenGL) 3 MB


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love the concept :

This a hack 'n slash, not a dungeon crawler.

A Dungeon Crawler is a sort of FPS with step by step move. Example : Dungeon Master, Eye Of The Beholder, Lands Of Lore, Might And Magic, Black Crypt...

A Great Little Game That I Really Enjoyed Messing Around In and would love to see more levels with a wider Variety of challenges and enemy's to get past. 

The Original God Game concept also sounds really interesting and like something that would make a great sandbox, getting you to spend hours slapping tiny people trying to stop them eating Poison berry's for the hundredth time

A great little game!

Piece of art

Wow amazing

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bruh at purple vent level you easily die 

I love this game

Love it. It is so creative!

I hope to play the full version and I will pay for it.

if u continuously slap the dwarf (the hitboxes don't move) it will fly out of the screen.


On the very last level, the big guy just sits at the cart and camps, and the dwarves are too stupid to run away.

Hmm.. Sounds like a bug! Sorry about that 🤔

I don't think it's a bug, just dumb dwarves. When the dwarves get a gem, they make a beeline for the cart. They only stop to punch the small guys. They won't go for food, run away from the big guy, go for bombs, anything. So when they're putting away a gem, they just sit there and take it from the big man.


This is deffinatly a funny game.

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Are you planning on doing any updates or anything to this? this was really fun! I'd buy it if it costed anything, with some level additions!


I REALLY liked this game, like I would pay actual money for this game if it had a fair amount of levels and possibly a level editor. Big props to the dev, you did a great job, especially for this being a jam game!




love it !

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Woo this was pretty fun. The concept is great and the execution was really good. Are you planning on continuing it in any way?