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  • KEYBOARD: ARROWS to move, SPACE to throw an item.
  • GAMEPAD: LEFT STICK to move, A to jump, X to throw an item


You have to bring Diamonds to empty slots in the levels. But every few seconds, torches turn off, and everything resets. The only things that stay are “plugged” diamonds and yourself.


A 48h game for Ludum Dare 47!

Note: I posted a critical update on Monday morning to fix keyboard controls that didn't work.

To me, this game was some crash test for LEd, the level editor I’m developing for the indie community. Pretty much everything went really smoothly, and LEd allowed me to create visually advanced levels with quite few work.

Gameplay wise, I add a very bad time trying to make the time-loop functionality fun, and it never became a really good base for interesting puzzle design. It proved to be hard to create many unique situations with it. With some sleep, I now have some better insight at what should be fixed, but I’d love to hear about your comments :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
AuthorDeepnight Games
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Tagshaxe, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 47, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


DirectX (recommended) 4 MB
OpenGL (if DirectX doesn't work) 3 MB


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I really quite liked this game. I stumbled on this because I had a different project by you bookmarked lol. That last level was more frustrating that fun only cuz i knew what i needed to do, but took too many loops to do it. But I could see this game being more than this if it had more mechanics added. Really neat.

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fun game! love the mechanics of the portal, it added a whole new layer to the gameplay

Great game, nice concept, remeber Prince of Persia rewind the time. We need more levels.

Cool concept - nice way to design and exploit “incomplete reset” mechanics in a game!

I beat the whole game and it was really nice

The game was very fun and polished. The file size was unbelievably small.

Excellent casual and polished fun.

I really like this game but wish it had a more concise ending. 

I enjoyed the puzzles a lot, I did get stuck super stuck for one puzzle, but I figured it out and got to the end.

The puzzles and movement were fun, I liked the portal looking thing's gimmick the most, being able to duplicate items. A short but challenging little game, though it didn't explain most stuff at all. But once you figure things out, it's very enjoyable.

Lovely puzzle game, howeever, I find the controls finnicky: every now and then the jump and move does not work properly and that part makes the puzzles more frustrating than hard. 7/11

I won!!!!!!!

can i ask the game engine?

I used “Heaps” engine, which is an open-source game framework for the Haxe language. Source code is here:

That's great! Are you using Heaps Engine for other games too? For example Nightclub Showdown (my fav <3)?


Same engine for all my latest games :)

That's cool!

this is amazing you did a good job but here is a regmdeshon  a sub attack the is also a trap that can move monster to were the player whets to go to solve Mimi puzzle's    

Great original action puzzle game. Love it 😍.


Thank you! That’s really cool 😍


Nice game!


Wow that was very cool


nice job, cool concept 


Really fun game !


How do I get down the ladders on the second screen?

If pressing DOWN key doesn't work, you should try to clear your browser cache and reload the page, as this bug was fixed the day before :)


man, the timing on that last one was so unforgiving :)


stuck at the bottom of a pit with 2 diamonds but cant seem to throw them to the left or carry them down the tunnel on the left to where they need to be ... ? bug ?

nice concept though !

No, that's normal :)

SPOILER: you have to get the gems before they fall in the pit ;)


Me neither, I'm stuck on the second screen

Sorry, I fixed the bug (accordingly to LD rules)


Thanks! Awesome game! Great idea, cool atmosphere, like the C64 sound effects and the levels are challenging. The puzzles are really good, amazing you managed to put this all together in 48h :)


hmm, i can't seem to interact with the ladders...

It's fixed :) Sorry!