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Dude 3 years old is a toddler not a kid

is there sound?

Hi! Sorry, the 48h jam version has no sound. Only the new Steam version ( has a full soundtrack.


In the game description it said the full release would be available here on as well as steam, I saw it on steam today and was just wondering if there's a definite date for when it will be available for purchase here also?

Hi! Sure it’s in the works and should be available on shortly 👍

for some reason i cant figure out to move in the webGL version

Does pressing arrow keys does anything in this version?

how do I get through the door that when you open it fire explodes out

space down


Very fun game. Unfortunately, the controls were a little frustrating at times. Especially jumping into the fire when you actually wanted to put it out and running into the fire directly behind a door when you open it. I would also like to be able to extinguish fires while jumping or walking, but I can see that this limitation is useful and makes the game a bit trickier, like a puzzle game. But otherwise really great work!


Is it supposed to have no sound?

more please

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i love this game it was so good and challenging.
waiting for the steam relase

Nice, I beat this, it was just the right amount of challenging and progressive difficulty that kept me coming back for more and more! Looking forward to the Steam release.

Hey cool game. It's on my steam wishlist.

Pleeeease make a native Linux version too. Looking forward to play it on the go with my preordered Steam Deck^_^


On my steam wishlist!

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For 48 hours this was original and very well done! I look forward to the final release.

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Magic  trick candle fire? What? Reminds me of Piemations' Scented Candle short. I then realized that the fire seems to be similar to SCP-310:

As for that short I referenced, here it is:

Deleted 43 days ago

the purple fire was a bit much don't you think?


Don't try to amnestize me. I noticed the purple fire! Although maybe it's not quite a victory, because I searched for "purple fire" in SCP and nothing useful came up.

I did find some hits for SCP-CU, though, and I don't like it. It may try to be the opposite of horror, but that just creeps me out more.

This game in 48h?
Man you are a Genius

Im going to wait the full release on Steam!


The game lacks on sounds

Why the game has no sound???

i am stuck on where is says Press space to fire water ( Gamepad X) i am stuck i cant move HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPP[PPP

I really liked the gameplay in your jam entry. I am glad this is turning into a bigger game.

how do we play this after downloading?


cool concept, good gamplay, to fast fire's timer reload xD
wonderfull job 

I keep dying in the beginning. No checkpoints or saving I guess?

pog game

Will this be available on MacOS once the full version is released?

wow, that was great! 

Deleted post

The code is written in Haxe, the engine is Heaps and the level editor is the one I made, LDtk ( Everything is open source, including the game code :)

i can only see a red backgound and player and the black thingy. i dont know why.

no texture is loading


Hi, are you playing on Safari? For some reason, my game has issues on this browser :/

No. iam not playing on Safari. iam playing on Google Chrome.

Hmm strange. On what Operating System? Is it possible for you to try to the downloadable version?

i have a windows and a linux machine. i tried the browser version in my LinuxMint 20.1 with chrome. maybe i guess the downloadable version wont have any problems like this.


This game was fucking awesome.

how the heck do i get out of the tutorial

how do i play like i have githhub but it dosnt work. it shows a million folders but no game file

You can play right here on (click the large image) or on my website.

i cant actually finish the tutorial  in the first fire room

Sorry about that, could you please explain precisely what happens, so I can fix it?


Even though there is no sound I kept playing, this is so well made, graphically it's awesome, but also the 'sense of dread' the spreading fire gives is really present. And, it's super impressive you managed to create this in only 48 hours! Really, really good.


so basically chernoble simulator?

Nice graphic! The water effect is amazing!


Great game! Good graphics, Interesting character, Interesting gameplay.

Overall, 11 out of 10!

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Hi so I was wondering if you were going to add some kind of boss in the extended version of the game.? Also love your games. :)

Just out of curiosity, what engine was this game made in? I loved the game a ton though , and I really felt like the animations added a lot of life to the game!

Hi! The game was made using Haxe language and Heaps 2D/3D engine :)


Great game making! You master those tools.

It's so good. It's fantastic

Wonderfully created and immersive for such small presence.

Fire spreading made me make pogger faces at least 20 times.

And that fast spreading purple fire was terrifying.


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