Sub Dragon is a shooter inspired by Saint Dragon on Atari ST.

Your ship has 2 sides: the white one (left) is invulnerable and can stop enemy bullets. The red one is heavily armed but very fragile!

Move around like a snake, change shape and use both sides wisely to eradicate every opponents!

This game was made in 48h for the Ludum Dare 35. The theme was “Shapeshift”.

How to play

Gamepad (recommended)

  • Left stick - move around
  • A - freeze current shape


  • Arrows - move around
  • SPACE - freeze current shape
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
AuthorDeepnight Games
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, atari, Shoot 'Em Up, underwater


Windows (DirectX) 6 MB

Development log


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A game with an original use of snake mechanics. Hope there will be some day full game (more levels and bioms, enemies...). Love it!


wow this game is amazing and i would love more levels for it :)




Thanks for making the game. It liked it. The artwork (water splashes) reminded me a little of the old g-darius game. I did find the later levels to be a bit tricky.


this game is very noice i love it :D


This Game Is SO fun I cant belive it only took you 48 hours, you deserve your coffee.

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But seriously, this is excellent.


Thank you!


My pleasure playing it. But y'know, without the shape freezing function, it would be more difficult and infact, it is doable to finish the game not using the function.

You're right: I added this option as a way to "brake", and it's completely optional.


I enjoyed the game even with this mechanic.

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very nice. what engine is this made with?

Thanks! I used the Heaps framework with the Haxe language (both open source).


love it, nice mechanics. very well done

Thank you :)