A 48h shooter I made for Ludum Dare 39 gamejam! The theme was “Running out of power”. Once again, this game is actually the second one I made during a single gamejam weekend. I cancelled the first one because it wasn’t fun at all, so I decided to switch to a shooter with a fast paced gameplay like old-school ones :)

How to play

Distribute your generator power to your ship sub-systems. Max out the Shield to regen it when you get hit, max out Gun to increase damage in front of you and max out Missiles to throw dozens of homing missiles around you!


  • ARROWS: move
  • WASD: distribute power to your ship systems (A--Shield regen, W--Gun, D--Missiles and S--Reset all)
  • R: go back to last checkpoint
  • SHIFT+R: restart the game
  • ESCAPE: quit
  • M: toggle music
  • K: toggle sounds


Windows (OpenGL) 3 MB
Source code


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Nigga wtfuck

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Kind of like Faster Than Light done Atari shooter style? I like it.

Good game.

It's great to see that you re-upload your old jam games now to! <3 "Zero Volt X" was an amazing little shoot'em up that I highly enjoyed, aesthetics- and gameplay-wise. :) Especially the good ol' "LOL" bomb was deadly and cute at the same time. :D Happily I wrote a recommendation article for your jam entry back in the 'old days' (*cough* August 2017 *cough*) and also uploaded a little gameplay video of it. <3 Thanks for your little master pieces, Sébastien! :) And congratulations for the 6th place!

Best wishes,