Don鈥檛 aim. Shoot quickly. Then go for the head and finish the job.
                                                      — John Wick


This is my Ludum Dare 41 entry!

My goal here was to try mix turn based and fast action. I drew a lots of inspiration from John Wick movie & gun fights :) This game is quite special to me as I only created it in less than 24h! Much happy.

The post compo is not intended for jam rating as it was updated after the deadline. If you want to rate my Ludum Dare entry, please play the original version :) This post-compo version features:

  • new character skin,
  • the ability for you to grab enemies to use them as cover!
  • a new enemy type (strong big guy),
  • a better UI,
  • updated music & sfx,
  • an extra combat area,
  • balancing.

How to play

MOUSE - play
CLICK (enemy head) - slow but powerful shoot
CLICK (enemy body) - fast but weak shoot CLICK YOURSELFreload or wait
CLICK (crate) - take cover
CLICK (yourself) - reload or wait
T - restart
R - reload
S - toggle sounds
M - toggle music


Latest version 5 MB
Original 24h version
Source code on GitHub

Development log


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The game have a bug 

(1 edit)

how do you turn sound back on

this is so good keep on making games i will play them as soon as your release them


Jeez this was hectic almost took me a hour to finish!
Shows you don't need much for a great game.


we neeeed a full game from this, its such an amazing idea



A great faced paced game with a good mix of difficulty 


very fun game almost or probably is a puzzel game 

if I have one problem with the game is that you cant cancel a action which is really annoying since if you click cover on a box on the other side of the map  so you cant do anything about it


Fun and not easy either, I like it


Fun and satisfiing!


really fun



I am your Fan!! your Game So Coooool!! So Lovely!!

Fun little game that presents a very decent challenge. Loved it.

I wish there was only more 


Great game but add checkpoints. A way to do this maybe could be making a variable that raises in the number when you beat a level and setting up a level restart for each number


Cool game, but a way to start in side of the nightclub instead of having to do the start again and again would be cool

Small, but very addictive!

Noice game bro! Keep up the good work! 馃憤

It be pro


really fun game, its tough, but good strategy is really rewarding

vary nice game, pretty hard but a nice challenge, great music, great mechanics, great art. 9.5/10

john wick!haha i like him.

finished it without taking damage.


nice game bro

Really hard, but great game!

crazy game man nice job

I'm taking this as a win. great game.

just beat the demo without getting hit, feel like an absolute badass. job well don


We need a full game of this Masterpiece


perfect game 10/10 its made for everyone


nice game...


Awesome game! I managed to beat the whole thing, but would play more if you made an endless mode or levels


Blood. (10/10)


That was superbly fun.

(1 edit) (+2)

Great! Good visuals, sweet concept and solid gameplay. Not to keen on the lack of checkpoints though (EDIT: I see that it was a LD entry so I reroll that comment). Maybe adding an arrow indicating that the player may progress? Nice work!




i found a glitch in wich when you grab a covered enemy and shoot him in the body, instead you shoot at the box in wich they were hiding behind

4.5/5 good game


cant download 24h version


how do i get the new skin?


If you鈥檙e referring to the original skin where the player character was green, you can download the Original 24h version :)

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