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Very solid game! Would love to see a version with levels, checkpoints, and a bit of story! 

can you add a version fo 32 bit windows pls

made me feel  badass

So this is just the John Wick nightclub gun fight scene?


Finally beat it, great game.

Very nice


Took me so long, but I finally did it. I beat it. Such an awesome game :)

nice game


Great game but you should probably add modes like easy hard or normal. 

Also, you should add more levels. Continue this project!

Great game, super hard. maybe add a button to wait one turn.


im stupid

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this was a pretty hard game but i couldnt stop until i beat it, great work man

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I really like the game concept. The art and music is fantastic. Great job on this game and keep up the good work!

Hey DeepNightGames, how can I reach out to you regarding a partnership? I'm looking for some fun browser-based, non Unity, games to test out a new tournament system (easy to integrate, runs on top of your game logic). In our test the results were great in terms of increasing retention as people keep playing the game to get a higher score on the leaderboard. So now I'm looking for some games that want to try it (zero cost, we'll run the tournament, provide a prize etc).

MacOS build?

I made a video on this game (41:13)

the healer would heal enemies usualy on hp per 20 seconds and would have a pistol

I have a new charecter concept too.

The Knife Guy

il tell you tomorrow

hi deepnight, i have a new charecter concept.

the healer

il tell you tomorrow


the best short action game i ever played it was very dificcult but i enjoyed every minute

Thank you!

I can't tell if this is endless or a campaign game.

i love it. it was hard but so much fun

This is a great game! Tbh, I could never create a game as good as this!

good game! good music! fun idea

Great game! I only got to wave 7 though.

brilliant idea!

i need this in steam or playstore, best game! i liked so much!!!!

Great game !

very nice short game,enjoyed every minute of it and i might replay it too.Good job :)


No enemies?  Tried this 3 times and it just says Wave 1  Fight, Wave 2 Fight, etc 


0-hit clear easy

(the toughest part is deciding what to do really fast, because of the constant slow ticks)


Best short game I've played so far


this game was so good that i suffered from dehydration to write this comment

11/10,would recommend


1) add checkpoints or something

2) how tf are you supposed to survive the wave with all those grenade throwers?

3) this game is awesome


Nvm I figured out how to pass the wave with all the grenade guys. just stick to the left and save a box on the far left for your use.


this game really makes you feel like batman

That's a funny thought

This is a pretty good and gory game, reminds me a lot of katana zero with the stages and sprites. I wish it was more intense though. 8/10


i completed this game losing one heart


very fun game, it was quite hard to beat.

could you possibly... make more?

if not thats ok ,thank you for this.


WTF this is so much fun

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