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this game should be fully fledged out with a story and a endless mode but the one thing i want to see the most is this game on steam with a demo it would do AMAZING trust me ive done stuff like this before on my other account ( this one is for commenting stuff ) and it blew up for a while so good luck and i will be checking for updates. oh i do have one semi complaint, when using cover you can't wait can you please add that function because i dont use the wait option due to it just giving the enemies time to shoot, but if you could do it while in cover you could preserve the enemy you just grabbed making it effective in the next wave. i wish you good luck 

i hope to see a fully finished version soon.

Can you make a mac version?


I would pay like at least $15 for a fully fledged version of this. A story, a menu, more levels. It would be so cool. 

This game was mega bad ass, felt so good to being killing people like that. Feeling like John Wick. 

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That was a great little strategical experience - after few tries I finally discovered the advantage of the slow shoots, after I got stuck for a bit at the "no crates" level. :D The pixel art was top-notch as usual. <3 A sweet little action game of the other kind, that I happily recommended along with two other Ludum Dare 41 entries in one of our compilation articles about the jam. :) Of course it's also featured in the related gameplay video. Thank you for your hard work! :D

Best wishes,

linux support


when i try to download it say " While searching for a download: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined "

Same, but it should work if you download it from your web browser.

its a great game overall. the lighting and graphic is great!

this is my first gameplay so dev maybe want to watch it for future update :D

for those who enjoy watching than playing, hope you enjoy it!

Nice work! I just didn't like when enemies spawned on top of me.

Really fun, but don't like the music that much. It just doesn't pump you up, but thats my only proplem with the game.

Great pixel-art, great music, great concept, so much creativity. I love this game!

This game is simply fantastic. I've finished it several times over.

Great concept, well executed. Love the art style and the pace is spot on.

This was pleasantly surprising. Wasn't sure how a turn based action/shooter would feel, but damn! It's tense! I do wish there was more of sense of progression or levels or something of the sort, but for a 72 hour jam, this is awesome!

This was the coolest thing I've seen in the contest, turnbase and action works quite well, sorta Xcom-y. Also the art and effects are cool af. Thanks for creating this!

Cool gfx style but I wish there was a way to play it in windowed mode instead of full screen as my monitor is rather large. ;) Anyway, cool game!

Just watched John Wick last night, and this game really scratched an itch for me. Thanks for making the game :)