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really great game, i would recommend having an arrow in the first room that tells you to move on when you're done, as i got confused a couple times. really fun gameplay though

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I really like it!! Thinking is the key but not necessarily fast. 





This so perfect!

You are one of my heroes my friend

Could you make Linux version?


The current webgl version should work just fine on Linux platforms :)

i like to feel like a badass killing monster

finally after like five hours i beat the original


I have played this game for and since ages and I can do it no damage no effort very fun 

This Game need A Story, new enemy, and some Mechanics on it

Btw, Its great


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i just had the best run ever, then I pressed T instead of R when I wanted to reload.

I like this game a lot, nice graphics and fun mechanics.

I played for 1 hour and I couldn't pass the big guy at the third scen, I think because I'm a noob.

overal great experience.

3 headshots to him


yay I finished the game

great game but,the problem is your opponents come out of nowhere.Plz fix that.

Thats the point -_-

Fun game, I just wish there was some sort of way to save a checkpoint. Restarting everytime you die gets annoying.

Cool game, bit hard tho. But it looks beautiful and is quite entertaining.

Very good very nice,thank you.


This is the best turn based shooting game ever.


Fun game! only problem is i keep pressing T accidentally when i try to press R.  


me too


thats ur fault not the game lol


have you even played the game?????


Well I only use one finger on R so that I don't press T so use only one finger instead of two.

same but my finger likes to wander to t so instead of reloading i reset


fun awesome game. also nice pixel art


awesome, that is all I have to say

managed to beat the game without getting hit and only reloading when there were no bullets left


Nice one! I love John Wick movies and this is the kind of game that fits my taste!

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great game   I have finished it multiple times and I have to say,hard but fair and good.


if your still doing updates then i had an idea what if you could shoot the bombs that they fire midair so that you could avoid them without running away and if you shot them they would explode this could also damage you

nice. very nice

Fun game... had the sudden urge to listen to Razormind whilst playing it. One of the cooler 2D games I've seen on the platform. 

Thanks for the fun game.

Thank you!

What's the new update add

Nothing new, only some optimizations and internal updates

This game is really fun and cool. It's one of the best 2d games I've played here.  Though I have a small suggestion. It's a tiny bit annoying when you die and have to restart from the beginning. Maybe, you could set up progress saving spots.

Awesome game! Love to see it updated but I fell on a bug on the very 1st screen =) After killing the guys, if I try to move "west" instead of "east" I get stuck in a infinite running stance from which I can't escape.

Oh right, that’s a very old bug I thought was fixed 🤔 Thanks for reporting!

R to restart not working. Am i doing something wrong?

It changed back to Escape key actually, my bad :)

Coolio. Thanks, I finally finished it. Those bombers though!


...its perfection

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R - reload what is the reload button now bc r is to reset now -_-

got my whole flow messed up, keep pressing r to reload.

edit: I feel like esc was fine for reseting the level


Sorry, I changed it because I though no one used this shortcut 🤔 I changed it back 😅

that's better, thanks :)

thx, you didnt have to change it back i was just asking what the new shortcut was, but thanks time to go back to speed running this


You know your badass when you can use a guy as cover,waste one clip on everyone else, and then just kick to death your human shield.

Can i ask which game engine did you use for this brillant game?

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Exactly, Heaps engine with Haxe language, both open-sources. And all the game source code is also available on GitHub :)


I just played John Wick hex & it reminded me of this game. Great job in capturing the essence of John Wick mate. 


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You definitely got turn-based action down, Great game! There is a bug on the second stage where you are stuck running into a wall until the enemies kill you.


John Wick in slo-mo? EPIC!

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Very interesting concept!


Epic, more content plz.

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