Bevel shader is back :)

A few years ago, when I created Ludum Dare games using Flash, I often added some sort of "personal touch" to my games by adding a texture overlay to my pixels, that looked like a bevel filter in Photoshop. People got used to it and it actually became some kind of signature to me :)

Fast-forward to nowadays, I don't use this filter anymore because it used to be an easy trick in Flash, but as I've switched to HTML 5, that's something more difficult to achieve (you need some kind of shaders black magic).

But yesterday, I took my courage in both hands and tried to re-implement it using Haxe + Heaps :) 

And here it is!

You can play Sabotage (post-compo) version right here:

Shader source code here: OverlayTexture.hx (GitHub)

It's part of my Haxe libs: Libs (GitHub)


Latest version (Windows) 5 MB
Oct 16, 2019

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love the deploy and optimization. SFML? SDL ? C++ ?

Oh hell yes, classic deepnight <3