You are Colonel Jean-François Hubert from the French army. As the most badass colonel ever, you take on your missions naked, without any weapon.

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Sabotage is my Ludum Dare 45 entry. It was created in about 72h using Haxe language. The theme was “Start with nothing”.


You start with absolutely nothing: use the environment to kill enemies. 

Play using keyboard or a compatible game pad (Xbox controller recommended).


  • ARROWS – move around
  • F – grab an enemy or an item
  • SPACE – punch (if your hands are free)
  • SPACE – use item in your hands
  • R – restart current level

Gamepad (xbox controller)

  • LEFT STICK – move around
  • A – grab an enemy or an item
  • X – punch (if your hands are free)
  • X – use item in your hands
  • SELECT – restart current level


I uploaded a post-compo version which is not meant for rating. Please play the Jam version if you're here for that.

This version features a few important changes:

  • whole new controls: the A button (SPACE on keyboard) allows you to pick and use items. You can still press the B button (ESCAPE on keyboard) to drop an item.
  • Many items were rebalanced. The machine gun now shoots like an actual machine gun. Enemies HP were adjusted accordingly.
  • Added some visual fx, like bullet tails for easier reading
  • Cadavers fade out slowly for more legibility
  • Minor LD fixes


Music by David Whittaker, from the game Leatherneck (Atari ST version)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
AuthorDeepnight Games
Tags2D, gamepad, haxe, heaps, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 45, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down
LinksLudum Dare


Latest version (Windows) 5 MB
72h jam version (Windows) 5 MB

Development log


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can we use numberpads


A 2nd challenge. Stealth Mode

You must remain undetected. This means any shots fired result in a loss. Good Luck

brutal. I didn't even try weaponless with how hard this one was.

yeah ive spent way too much time on thid game


I have a challenge for anyone playing this game. Weaponless Mode

No killing enemies with guns knives explosions. Only way to kill enemies is through spikes or friendly fire. This isn't that hard with the normal enemies but those tanks are a whole other ball game. Remember no enemies can die for any items whatsoever. Even if an enemy shoots an explosive barrel & kills themselves that still makes the run invalid.

Good Luck Fellow Psychos


THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME! Make a full version! I'd buy it!

(2 edits) (+5)

fun fact: when in the taller phase of his idle animation, the protag is 15px tall, his penis is visible on screen at all times and measures 2px long, assuming he has the average male heigth of 173 cm (5 ft 8 in ) , that would mean his cock is 23 cm (9 in) long .

which is already impressive, but it gets crazier, bcs he probably isn´t erect while raiding that nazi base which means he is 9 in when SOFT.

anyway, lets try to figure out how big this man is when fully erect.

the average penis is 1,43 times bigger when erect compared to flaccid, apply that to the previous numbers and he would measure in at a MONSTER size of  33 CM (13 IN) long when erect

( i rounded most numbers for simplicity )


This, this was Very necessary.


Agree, best comment ever


only the french would've done this


It's a pity that only 7 levels, but the game is awesome, inventive.


Really liked it!


The artstyle for this game is amazing, everything looks amazing.

I also really like how the gameplay blends fast paced action with stealthy carefully planned attack's.   

overall a great experience


modern problems require modern solutions

This would be gold as a full release.

Thank you <3


ı finished the game on 5.11
ı hope  more chapters will be added, game was good

(1 edit) (+2)

wait, all the time he walks with his hand moving but how he holds those soldiers 😳


i love this game. i wished there was more levels or a sequel. but i love it im probably gonna make some fan art of this game.


Probably the best game I've played on itch.io


Thank you <3


Sabotage(Game) Level 1-7 Gameplay

amazing! thank you for making it. wish there were more levels!!

This game is delightful.  I really loved the background for the character.  That alone took the game forward in terms of game play.  Also throwing into obstacles to disable enemies is super clever/ original

Hey, I made a video about me playing your game. Looking forward to more levels ;)


this game is so great although i had a much harder time with level 5 than level 6


One of the top games that I have played so far on itch. I really enjoy just the feel and motion of it as well as using the weapons. I do think that if you make a newer version the AI should be a tad more difficult. Great game though.

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I wish there was a save system other wise this is a great and fun game

edit: it took me 1 hour to beat the game because I'm very bad at it, but will there be a after jam update? 

Yeah, this was awesome.

is this one inspired by "The Saboteur" ?

(1 edit) (+2)

SO fun!

Played on Armor Games, fucking loved it, best flash game I've played in a while


very nice willy physics

Very swift, but the AI, not so much.


Yes, the AI is minimalist because the game requires much predictability (action first, stealth is secondary). Thanks for your comment :)


good game!

Woah cool :D Thank you for playing my game!

Maybe an odd comment but a well designed itch page. Although I will also play your game ;P

Thank you :)

So god damn good :)
Best of ludum 45 I've played (only about 7/8 games though).

Thank you <3