Note for developers: IntGrid layers JSON format changed in this update. For now, retro-compatibility is maintained with old importers, but this will be dropped after update 0.9.0, breaking outdated importers. Please read all the details here: https://github.com/deepnight/ldtk/issues/358

  • UI rework: many interface elements were reworked and cleaned up (less lines, less gutters). This includes panels, main side-bar, custom fields editor, etc. Also, the world panel is now separated from the “current level” panel, so it’s no longer mandatory to go to “world view” to edit your active level settings. I hope you’ll enjoy the changes :)
  • Level custom fields: just like Entities, you can now add custom properties to your levels and edit values per-level. For example, add some FilePath field, name it “music”, filter allowed files with “mp3 ogg” and you get a custom music picker in each of your levels.
  • Custom fields have been visually re-organized to be easier to read in-editor. Labels and background are now aligned, and various minor display bugs were fixed.
  • Resizable entities: Entities can now be marked as resizable horizontally and/or vertically. This new feature opens the possibility of creating “Region” entities (ie. a custom rectangle or ellipses), with fully customizable properties.
  • Entity tags: tags are labels that can be freely added to any Entity definition. They can be used to group entities in the editor (ie. actors, regions, interactives etc.) and to filter allowed entities per layers (eg. a “Region” layer that can only contain “region” tagged entities).
  • CPU optimizations: the app CPU usage should now be close to 0% while its window is minimized or not focused. Also, a new setting “Smart CPU throttling” (enabled by default, recommended) will also reduce CPU usage while doing “not too demanding” actions in the editor. All these should greatly reduce battery drain on laptops.
  • Ogmo 3 import: you can now import Ogmo 3 projects to LDtk. Most features are supported, but feel free to drop a message on GitHub issues if you have any specific needs :)
  • The UI scaling has been fixed for 4K and 8K displays. You can now adjust the general application scale factor from the app settings (press F12).
  • CodeMirror: editing of “multi-lines” fields in entities (and levels) is now done using an almost fullscreen text editor based on CodeMirror library. This allows syntax highlighting, basic completion and various quality of life features. Supported types include XML, JSON, Markdown, LUA, JS, C# etc. Feel free to ask for more languages on GitHub issues.
  • Debug menu: you can now open a debug menu by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D. It will contain some commands that could be useful if you encountered some specific bug types. Commands inside this debug menu are harmless, so you can use them without any risk (unless some in-app message says the opposite).
  • Tileset can now be changed on-the-fly in each Tile layer.
  • The Windows setup file is now twice bigger. Yeah, I know this isn’t an actual feature, nor a great change. But this opens support for both 32 and 64bits environments. Please note that the installed version size hasn’t increased, only the Setup executable.
  • Moved buttons to the top of project Panels.
  • Removed all “Delete” buttons in project panels
  • It’s now possible to associate icons with external enum values from a Haxe HX file.
  • Added a Preset button to quickly create a “Region” entity.
  • Entities can now be marked as “Hollow”, which will allow editor mouse clicks to pass through, except on edges.
  • You can now show/hide multiple layers at once by holding left mouse button over visibility icons (Photoshop style).
  • Use Shift + left click on a visibility icon to Show or hide all other layers except the current one.
  • Added a button to access previous changelogs in “Update” window, on Home screen.
  • An Entity count can now limited per world or per layer. This is especially useful for elements like Player start position, which should be unique in the world.
  • A suggestion to enable Backups will now appear when opening a large project file.
  • The visibility status of a layer is now saved with the project.
  • When baking an Auto-layer (ie. flattening it), you are now given choices on what to do with the original baked auto-layer (delete, empty or keep).
  • Level background is now faded away in “Single layer mode”.
  • Smarter auto-naming when duplicating something (ie. a copy of an Entity named “foo50” will now be “foo51”, “foo52” etc.)
  • Each Entity field type now has an associated color, making field list easier to read.
  • The default size of a new level can now be customized from the World settings (press W, then open settings).
  • Mouse wheel can now be used to switch to world mode (and vice versa) automatically. A new related option has been to app settings (F12).
  • Fixed zoom speed using mouse wheel.
  • Fixed Point fields in entities where clicking the same coordinate twice added multiple identical points.
  • Fixed Rule “pink” preview being stuck when moving mouse over a level
  • Fixed incorrect default tile when creating a new Enum value.
  • Fixed “New project” dialog opening twice on Home screen
  • Disabled “New level” context menu when holding Shift or Alt
  • Fixed layer order for “simplified” level render in World view
  • Entity fields are now slightly faded out when not currently on an Entity layer
  • Fixed a “pink square” on Entities when reloading a texture modified outside of LDtk
  • Fixed entity instance editor not closing when switching level
  • Fixed a bug when adding new Entity fields, where some existing entity instances were not properly updated in the JSON file.
  • Fixed sorting of arrays in entity fields
  • The default behaviour when limiting an entity count is now to “Move the last one” instead “Discard the oldest one”.


Windows 32 and 64bits 129 MB
Version 1.1.3- Apr 16, 2022
Linux Ubuntu (experimental) 76 MB
Feb 26, 2021
macOS (experimental) 76 MB
Feb 26, 2021
Windows 32 and 64bits 129 MB
Version 0.8.0- Feb 26, 2021

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