0.9.2 and 0.9.1

Mostly bug fixes :)


  • Added a tiny “(…)” above entities with fields when they are hidden
  • Fixed “re-open last project” that could sometime reset app settings
  • Fixed rule editor not updating when changing pivot
  • Fixed incorrect “Perlin noise” preview when right click on the Perlin option in Rules panel.
  • Fixed “shrinking” tileset view when panning it
  • Fixed discarded “levelPaths” array when importing OGMO projects


  • Fixed broken “New project” button. Sorry!
  • Added an option to re-open last project when starting LDtk (open Settings with F12)
  • Hold CTRL to disable preview when moving mouse over auto-layer rules.
  • Fixed missing tooltips in rules panel.
  • Fixed tooltips staying on screen in rules panel.


macOS (experimental) 76 MB
Apr 20, 2021
Linux Ubuntu (experimental) 76 MB
Apr 20, 2021
Windows 64 bits and 32 bits 159 MB
Version 0.9.2- Apr 20, 2021

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