0.9.3 - Ludum Dare 48 edition

  • Aseprite support: you can now load an Aseprite image directly as a tileset or as a level background. It will be automatically reloaded if it changes on the disk, just like any another image.
  • Level PNG export: it’s now possible to export a single flattened PNG per level, making the “Easy to integrate with your game engine”-thing even easier. You can still export one PNG per layer per level if you prefer.
  • Fixed offseted “Close project” button
  • Fixed “textLanguageMode” typo in JSON
  • Minor bug & doc fixes


Linux Ubuntu (experimental) 76 MB
Apr 23, 2021
macOS (experimental) 76 MB
Apr 23, 2021
Windows 64 bits and 32 bits 159 MB
Version 0.9.3- Apr 23, 2021

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It’s Kate Senat here

I’m a big fan of your games 

I wish you could make all the games available on iPad

Because I can only play two games


RPG map editor 


The Aseprite support is pretty awesome! Thanks!