1.1.0 - Introducing Super Simple export!

1.1.0 – Introducing the Super Simple export

Super Simple export

I know: for every new tool out there, there is this moment when you need to write the importer for your favorite game engine.

I’ve been there too, so LDtk offers a Super simple export option. You can enable it from the Project settings panel.

You will get:

  • One PNG per layer in each level
  • A composite” PNG per level (ie. all layers merged together)
  • A very simple, straightforward and optional JSON file per level, if you want to access your Entities data or other information.

Other changes

  • Updated the look of notifications in the bottom right corner. Errors and Warnings will now also blink once to catch more user’s attention, as needed.
  • Added a shortcut link to previous major version notes in “Release Notes” window
  • If you have “Open last project” enabled, but close current project, then re-opening LDtk will now bring you back to Home screen.
  • Removed recommendation to enable “External levels” in Project Settings panel.
  • Fixed missing coordinates display after going to World view.
  • Fixed intGridValue presence in JSON for non-IntGrid layers


macOS (experimental) 87 MB
Apr 01, 2022
Linux Ubuntu (experimental) 87 MB
Apr 01, 2022
Windows 32 and 64bits 129 MB
Version 1.1.0- Apr 01, 2022

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