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Browser version (HTML 5)

Latest changes (changelog)


  • Pay what  you want: RPG Map II is free for you to use, but if you want to contribute or pay me a beer, you can simply name your own price and decide. 
  • All commercial uses are permitted: if you create a map using RPG Map II, it's yours. Just remember to credit the app :)
  • Full HTML 5 version available online (with fullscreen support)
  • Supports maps generated by "One Page Dungeon" (by @Watabou)
  • Easy to use interface with nice looking components :)
  • Support for special walls, like diagonal or cavern surfaces.
  • RPG agnostic by using generic elements (shapes) instead of specific objects (tables, chairs etc.)
  • Raycasted lighting
  • Multiple skins
  • Texts & icons
  • Automatic "legend block" generation
  • More to come!


RPG Map II is in Alpha phase for now, so expect many changes along the way. I'll try my best to keep backward-compatibility with your creations, but I can't 100% guarantee it before the Beta phase.

Also, please note that the icons are placeholders and will be changed in a future update.

Desktop vs Browser HTML5 version

In a nutshell: if you have any issue with the Browser version, please download the Desktop version below.

All versions work pretty much the same way, but desktop / browser version handle files loading/saving differently. For now, the recommended version is the desktop one, as it features the best file management features.

On the browser version, it's not possible to display a Save As window, as it simply doesn't exist on the web. You will have to go through the standard Download pop-up which can be really annoying if you happen to save a lot. Also, there's no such thing as a "Recent files" thing and other minor UI features.

Note that all maps created on the browser version are of course fully compatible with the desktop versions.

Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tagseasy, editor, map, tabletop


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Windows (DirectX, recommended) 8 MB
Version 15.4
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 7 MB
Version 15.4
Online version (HTML5)

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