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Update 15
CUSTOM COLORS Custom colors -- Another long requested feature: all colors can now be completely customized! You can manually pick colors for walls, furniture, t...
2 files — 15.1
Update 14
This update bring the long requested "hexagon grid" feature ;) Please also note that the app version is now numbered as "Update XX" instead of "Version 0.XX". N...
2 files — 14
Update 13: advanced skins, new assets, updated UI
This new update 13 is another large one! It focuses on style/skins and user interface (UI). I tried to implement as many related suggestions as possible, so I h...
2 files — 0.13 -- Advanced skins & UI update
Update 12 - Tablet support!
Try update 12 here Touch & trackpad support The web version app now works properly with touch-enabled devices such as Android and IOS devices. The Windows versi...
2 files — 0.12 -- Mobile & tablet support
Text bubbles!
You can now turn any text into a floating bubble that goes in empty spaces around your map. These bubbles come in 2 flavor (black or white) and can also manuall...
2 files — 0.11.2
Large 0.11 update is out!
Update 0.11 is here, and it's one of the biggest so far :) Grid You can now configure the grid color, intensity and shape (square or check, hexagon will come la...
2 files — 0.11
Fix for the OpenAL32.dll crash
If you had any OpenAL32.dll related issue with the last update, this one should fix. You can comment on this post if you still have any error :) Please mention...
2 files — 0.10.2
Added back 0.10 for download
The 0.10 version was uploaded back, because many people had an issue with the latest 0.10.1 version ( OpenAL crash). If you have this bug, you can pick the...
1 file