Update 16 - The huge one

Main features

This new update is the biggest I've pushed for RPG Map so far. It was quite a heavy task, and I really hope you'll like it :) Any feedback is more than welcome!

In short, it adds most of the top-requested features from the community:

    • Image export presets for Roll20 and Fantasy grounds
    • Import your own images and icons!
    • Individual object colors
    • New "realistic" assets (tables, beds, chairs etc.)
    • Draft and Final Preview modes
    • Save/load your skin settings to apply them to multiple maps
    • Quick select and copy objects using ALT + left click
    • Thinner walls

More details

  • Custom imported images -- It's finally here! You can now import your own images to place on your maps. It could be icons, logo or furniture, or whatever you could imagine. Files should be either PNG or GIF and they will be embedded directly in your map files.
  • Custom object colors -- You can assign unique colors to individual objects such as doors, furniture, rocks, windows etc.
  • Better Roll20 & Fantasy Grounds exports -- New presets in the Image Export window will allow you to produce images fitting your favorite virtual RPG apps.
  • Draft mode -- Pres TAB to switch between default render mode and the new Draft mode. This mode is super fast and works great for very large or complex maps.
  • Thinner walls -- All walls are now about 2 times thinner than before, making them look more natural when drawing buildings. The Thin Wall tool has been removed.
  • Realistic assets -- You can use the Icon/image tool to add realistic assets to your maps. More will be added in the future, but the current version offers beds, tables, chairs and carpets. You can also import your own images.
  • Quick select/move -- Hold ALT and click on any map element to quickly select the corresponding tool. This allows for MUCH easier edition, light settings. You can also MOVE object by dragging anything using ALT key.
  • Duplicate any object -- You can now hold CTRL + ALT keys to copy any object on a map: texts, NPC, furniture, trees etc.
  • Save and load skins -- You can export all your current map settings to a ".Skin" file which can then be applied to any other map made in RPG Map.
  • Extended flood fill -- You can hold SHIFT while using the Wall, Ground or Water tools to quickly flood fill entire area. You can even use this shortcut with the Ground Removal tool to quickly erase ground over an area.
  • Removed text icons -- A new tool allows you to add Icons/Images to your map. It replaces the icons integrated with Texts. Existing Text+Icon have been transformed into separate objects.
  • UI update & cleanup -- All the interface components were unified to be more consistent across the app.
  • Image export presets -- When exporting your image, you can now pick among presets for specific apps like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. If you need any extra formats, please contact me :)

Other changes

  • The way the "Printer-friendly" (ie. white color painted all over the walls) mode has been completely reworked to be much cleaner and faster. It now follows all the walls properly, including diagonals.
  • The help window now stays in the bottom right corner and was completely redone.
  • Photoshop-style scrolling: Hold SPACE while dragging with left click to scroll the view.
  • You can now edit the intensity of any Light object.
  • Added new ground textures. The existing ones have been slightly lighten up.
  • Added a new skin preset named "Golden".
  • Added support for real fullscreen to browser version.
  • Added diagonal map resizing buttons.
  • Added an option to adjust the layer of Furniture, Dirt and Rocks (above or beneath walls).
  • Moved the "Move map" button to the tool bar.
  • Added an "Advanced customization" mode to the map settings to make it more simple for users who don't need it.
  • Added customizable secondary light color.
  • Painting ground textures now removes water as expected.
  • Fixed secondary wheels crashing the map (the whold was disappearing)
  • Disabled extra unused mouse buttons (fourth & nexts), as they could lead to unexpected behaviors.
  • Legend block can no longer be outside of the map area.
  • Fixed image export being cropped for lower zoom values
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut tooltips that included "MouseLeft"
  • Fixed Door and Window direction bug.
  • Fixed some undetected mouse click bugs.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse cursor in windows and panels.
  • Fixed some water rendering issues.
  • Updated all keyboard shortcuts in tooltips
  • Added some tool keyboard shortcuts
  • Added some light radiuses.
  • Slightly more compact Toolbar in 3-columns mode
  • Added a Cancel button in Export Image window
  • Added proper titles to all windows and panels.
  • Added CTRL-N shortcut for New Map
  • The "W" key shortcut is assigned to Walls instead of Windows
  • Updated example maps.


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 7 MB
Version 16 Apr 13, 2020
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 6 MB
Version 16 Apr 13, 2020

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Isometric next time?


Hello there!!! I see on your update a Custom imported images mention, but I see no option to import "whatever you could imagine" hehe Im looking to import my own ground sets, Im not comfortable using the available floors and such, I would like to use my own, is there a way and specific format to do so? Thank you, so far feels amazing this tool.

I will deadass buy this again for another  update

I find that there is not enough object, does anyone have a link that will allow me to add more elements easily?

You can check this thread, where all community creations are listed :)


thank you so much that's perfec

I like the Final quality, except that it makes most of my lights have pretty hard changes between the primary and secondary colors; while the faster mode has less-crisp shadows, but the colors blend much better along the extent of their range.

I love this app so far. I am new to the map creation and have only recently started using Roll20 for a game that used to be done in my LGS, and this has made my life much easier. The only question that I have run into, and it is largely because of my inexperience with this format.

Is there a good place to create or download images for use on the maps?

Deep, I love you.

So much.

so, so much. 

Thank you

Is there a guide anywhere to clarify how to import to Roll20 with ease? I'm not sure what the function here is changing and I'm just trying to make it easier for me! 


The easiest way to import & resize properly an image to Roll20 is as follows:

  1. Upload your map image to Roll20 library
  2. Edit the Page settings to make sure the grid size is 70x70 px
  3. Update the page size to fit the size of the image. You can read the grid dimensions in the Export Image window in RPG Map. For example, if you export a 40x30 map in RPG Map, make sure the page is 40x30 too.
  4. Add your image to the page, and resize to fill the whole page.

The grid should match perfectly with Roll20.

Sorry, it's a bit complex, but that's the way Roll20 is :)

No worries! This makes everything 10 times easier to understand. Thank you!^.^

Is there a way to customize the colors of the walls? The only way to change the wall colors is by changing the skin presets or global tint. It'd be neat to custom pick the wall colors just like with the grounds.

Right now, it's not possible to colorize the walls individually. It might be quite complicated to implement that 🤔

(2 edits)

I like the update but I wish you were still able to have different wall thickness (double  walls are too thick for what I'm trying to make)

Also would it be possible to make the floor textures only cover the tile?  I made some urban maps but had to edit them in paint to make them look less "natural"

Also were wall shadows removed?


I'll probably try to leave an option to use the old-style walls in the map settings (but it won't be possible to mix thin/thick walls together.

Wall shadows were not removed, as far as I know: you should check the Map Settings, under Advanced, you should see the map shadow color setting there 🤔

(1 edit)

Would be nice to have thick walls as an object or however the thin walls in the previous version. 

Where are the Advanced settings? I don't see them in the Map Aspect or Application Preferences tabs.

EDIT: Finally noticed I have to check the box in map aspects to show em.



This is an really great update! :o

But I sadly found the first 2 bugs after importing some images. ^^

  1. I cant delete an imported picture. Or am I just to dump?
  2. When I imported "some", I'm not able to scroll down and resize them anymore. xD

You don't have to manually delete your imported images. Unused images should auto delete themselves when you exit/reload the app. I'll fix the scrolling problem in the next update 😊

Ah okey. Thats good to know. xD Thanks. :)

holy <3
amazing work~ this is really good~ super nice


Great update! Thanks for the hard work!