Update 12 - Tablet support!

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Touch & trackpad support

The web version app now works properly with touch-enabled devices such as Android and IOS devices. The Windows version should also support trackpad on PC and touch screens on devices such as Surface Pro. You can now pinch to zoom or move the view using two fingers. NOTE: many large windows (such as Map Settings) won't fit on small screens.

One Page Dungeon

You can import maps generated by the One-Page-Dungeon by Oleg Dolya (@watawatabou).

Link: One Page Dungeon on Itch.io

Moving & resizing map

You can now move around your map in 2 different ways: click on arrows on the sides, or activate the "Move map" mode by using the dedicated button near the map (top left corner). If you hold and drag the arrow buttons, you will resize the map.

New map

You can now adjust a few settings when creating a new map (the old "Destroy" button).

Get medieval

Added a new Medieval font style.

Font color

Added black font color option


Fixed interface scaling on mobile display.

Bug fixes.


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 7 MB
Version 0.12 -- Mobile & tablet support Nov 02, 2019
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 6 MB
Version 0.12 -- Mobile & tablet support Nov 02, 2019

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