Update 14

This update bring the long requested "hexagon grid" feature ;) Please also note that the app version is now numbered as "Update XX" instead of "Version 0.XX".

  • New grids -- You can now use Dots, Ancient, Horizontal Hexagon or Vertical Hexagon grids!
  • Rulers -- A new tool was added to measure rectangles (left click) or lines (right click).
  • Canvas dimensions -- The current size of the map is displayed on the borders.
  • Unified map loading/importing -- The Import menu was removed. Now, if you press the Load button, you will be able to load any map file, and the file format will be auto-detected. You can load files from: RPG Map 2 (obviously!), OnePageDungeon, Donjon.bin.sh and AnaMap 1.
  • The labels on the load/save/export buttons are now hidden by default. They can be re-enabled in the app Settings.
  • The Example panel now shows a preview of all the available maps.
  • Exporting an image without texts now properly applies to floating text bubbles.
  • It's no longer possible to move the map out of the screen.
  • Fixed the "Printer-friendly" render not updating properly
  • Fixed the undo/redo (broken by update 13, sorry!)
  • The zoom buttons & current tool help are now in the bottom left corner.
  • Zoom speed using mouse-wheel is a little more consistent between zoom levels
  • Added a "Clear recent files list" button
  • Updated some interface icons.
  • Many bug fixes.


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 7 MB
Version 14 Dec 13, 2019
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 6 MB
Version 14 Dec 13, 2019

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