Update 15


  • Custom colors -- Another long requested feature: all colors can now be completely customized! You can manually pick colors for walls, furniture, texts, lights, fog, grid, etc. Just click on the "palette" button near color choices to pick your own custom colors.
  • Collision Flood-fill tool -- This new tool allows you to fill large closed areas with collisions. Elements that block the lighting (walls, heavy furniture, doors...) will also block the filling.
  • Wall-snapping option for objects -- Low furniture, heavy furniture and crates can now optionally stick to closest walls. This option is enabled by default and can be changed from the Map Aspect menu.
  • Map file format -- JSON map files are now prettier (and easier to read if that's your thing). Also, a proper "header" was added to identify the files properly. This change is fully compatible with old files.
  • Added a new example map "Arctic Base" to demonstrate the new color customization settings.
  • Updated existing example maps.
  • Low Furniture are no longer semi-transparent. They are now slightly darker than Heavy Furniture to maintain the same overall aspect as before.
  • All user settings & data are now stored in the "userSettings" folder (in the app folder) instead of the old "_cookies".
  • Added a warning message when editing large maps.
  • Clicking on the a menu button while the actual menu is already opened now closes it properly.
  • Fixed collision skins (caverns & slopes) being weirdly affected when adding walls next to them.
  • Fixed files without extensions being "invisible" in loading dialog.
  • Fixed duplicate "close" button in About window.
  • Opening the "New map" window now closes any open panel.
  • Fixed some English typos.
  • Optimized map saving for large files.
  • Code cleanup & minor fixes


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 7 MB
Version 15.1 Feb 19, 2020
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 6 MB
Version 15.1 Feb 19, 2020

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Unfortunately, I miss the copy & paste function very much. Not being able to simply insert the descriptions from donjon and having to write them down is simply annoying and makes importing uncool.
But I suspect that this is an elementary engine problem?