0.9 - Darkness, fog & new title fonts!


This feature was requested quite a lot of time :) You can now enable a global fog that will fill every part of the map without lighting. You can choose fog color and intensity, so it can be used to create "dark maps" with a black & intense fog :)

New title fonts

You can now choose among various fonts for your large titles. The smaller fonts are not affected.


Added a new "Extra-Large" light radius.
Added a new light type that is invisible and which only purpose is to "pierce" the fog.
Updated all example maps.
Added import/export menu to reduce the main bar width.
Re-organized the file menu bar.


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 8 MB
Version 0.9 Jun 21, 2019
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 7 MB
Version 0.9 Jun 21, 2019

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Les deux premières tailles de radius de lumière sont nommées "Petit".