0.8 - New furniture, nicer toolbar & map imports

High/low furniture

You can now add 2 distincts types of furniture, so you can represent heavy objects (such as a large wardrobe), as well as smaller ones (such as chairs). Note that high furniture will block light like walls.


Updated the toolbar design & icons.

TSV import

You can now import dungeons (TSV files) generated from "Donjon.bin.sh" website.

AnaMap import

You can import dungeons (JSON or XML files) created using the old version of RPG Map 2 (formerly "AnaMap").


Fences now support crosses and similar layouts.
Fixed map not updating when painting lava over water.
Fixed the performance optimization.
Added a new example map: "Sci-fi Generator Base"
Added app logo to the "About" window.
Doors now properly block light, as before.


Windows (DirectX, recommended) 8 MB
Version 0.8 Jun 19, 2019
Windows (OpenGL, if DirectX doesn't work) 7 MB
Version 0.8 Jun 19, 2019

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